The New (Format) iMusician Show


New year - New show

So we’ve taken a bit of a different direction and, with your usual hosts (@nickdhazell and @Susann) having been replaced in a “coup d’état” by Keyvan - or should I say K[AI]

Anyway, watch and enjoy our episode on AI (with the script written by AI).

Also, don’t worry - Nick and Susann are safe… or so I am told… ?

As usual - we’d love your feedback on what YOU want to hear about - drop us a comment below (but please please like and subscribe :slight_smile:


hi @Kay, cool show, I like your TShirt a lot by the way :smiley: definitely going to continue following your shows! :metal: :innocent:
@Susann and @Nicholas we’re going to miss you so much!!! and good luck for your new adventures here :clinking_glasses: :champagne: