The Pirate Who Wanted Treasure - AlexGB231 ft Kevin from Synth V

So, recently, I’ve released a new song that I’m planning to put onto an upcoming vocal album, which will have more of an emphasis on lyric-writing than my previous music releases have so far. I recently got a vocal synth software known as Synth V, which is a vocal synth software that I can use to help me generate some vocal parts. The voicebank I’m using here is called Kevin, and he sounds really good here, pretty much indistinguishable from a human voice!

The song itself has somewhat of a pirate vibe to it, as suggested by the title, of course. The lyrics basically tell a story about a pirate sailing to an island with his crew, and they’re pretty fun lyrics, I think, and the melody is incredibly catchy!

I hope you enjoy it!

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It is really funny :wink: :ok_hand:

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