The problems of mastering on iMusician

Though I am a new old member on iMusician as far as releasing an album here in december 2020
I am finding things are either still quite not right or difficult to understand in terms of mastering.

For instance, when you have the choice of “modyfying” the informations of a track, sometimes it asks you who are the contributors so as to be accepted on itunes, some other time, it doesn’t ask you at all!!!
Can someone tell me why???

I had been told that it was better to put the 3 tracks together for a single to be mastered correctly.
3 years later after I had first been here, I am still finding that I have to work out how it works as I go along.

I don’t know if there are other people like me who want to master their tracks here but it seems
pretty uneasy to get it all together.
3 years ago, I had mentioned this to someone called Pauline @ iMusician but it seems to no avail…

Starting to get disappointed with this mastering business.

If there’s not many people mastering their tracks on iMusician, don’t be surprised…

hi @mysteryfox , sad to hear about your problems, although not everyone is experiencing this, your problems will be taken seriously. I am glad you found your way to this forum where you surely will find some help. I’m tagging @Maurizio here to look deeper into that, best Andi :v:


@Maurizio @Melani can you help here please? Thanks!


Hey hey @mysteryfox , I sent you audio file in your DM :slight_smile: Please check your community inbox!


Got It !!!
Thanxxx a million
Take care
Mystery Fox