The specs seem correct... but the file doesn't load

Hi. I’m trying to upload a song file to publish. Even though it is WAV 44.1 kHz and 16bit, it continues to give me an “invalid file format” result. Duration and size are within limits. I do not know how to do. Are there other characteristics of the file (name etc…) that prevent its publication?


Hi there and thank you for your message!

Sorry to hear that. There is this article that might help:

It says:

The maximum size for a track is 1 GB.

Is your file respecting that?

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Yes. The size is just 48.1 MB

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Okay, we need the help of @Carlos or @Maurizio then.
Please wait until tomorrow since there is no work on weekends :pray:


Thank you

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Hey @AlecFalasca,

I’ve sent you a DM :slight_smile:

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Hi Carlos, thank you for your support, but in the meanwhile my plans are suddenly changed: my manager called me and the record company, that was supposed to take care only of the promotion, offered to also take care of the distribution, so this time I won’t use Imusician (which I have always used up until now for my previous songs).
If it can be useful to understand any problems, I can still send you the file to understand what the problem is.
Let me now and thank you again,

Hey @AlecFalasca, as you’re not planning on making this release with us, it will not be necessary to send us the audio file :slight_smile:


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