Track by track distribution

Good afternoon,

My name is Philippe and I work for the producer platform: House of Tracks. We have been following your service for a while now and wanted to contact you to talk about single track distribution for our customers. To elevate our platform, we are looking into possibilities to let our customers distribute their bought tracks for free after their purchase. Therefore, we are interested in starting a conversation to search or a distributing partner. We had some ideas on how such a partnership should look like and it could be mutually beneficial if we would combine our customer pool with your services.

To introduce ourselves a bit, House of Tracks is a place where people from across the entertainment industry buy and sell original rights free music in a trusted environment. House of Tracks has a huge customer database including DJ’s, producers, vocalists, advertising agencies, gaming channels, media creators and more. The tracks that are sold on House of Tracks are limited to one copy and therefore 100% exclusive. Upon purchasing a track, all the rights of the track are transferred from seller to buyer.

We are curious for your thoughts and hope to hear from you!

Kind regards,

Philippe Ermano
A&R & Project manager
House of Tracks

Hi @PhilippeHouseofT I’ve informed our marketing team and we’ll be in touch shortly.

@Pauline - one for you :slight_smile: