Track on iMusic thats not mine

I saw a release of a really bad christmas song, clearly AI release if you listen to the sound,. It is NOT mine but it has the same band/project name New Morning.

Here’s the URL: ‎New Morning - Apple Music
what to do?

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hi @NewMorningTrio , did you find it on your artist page? or is it just another artist with the same name? in that case I fear there is not much to do…

I dont recognise this release as an artist. It just says New Morning which is in my case my artist name. Can’t I file a complaint or write iMusic?

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I’ll tag @Carlos here to see if something could be done


Hey @NewMorningTrio,

Just to nuance what you’ve said; it isn’t really “your artist name” unless you’ve trademarked it and legally own all the rights to it. In this case it’s just that an artist happens to share the same name as you and their release landed on your profile (this happens frequently when an artist name is used by multiple people).

We can take care of this for you, please provide the link of the release in question so we can send a request to Apple.

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You’re right. It was a name that looking back is not so unique. For a number of reasons, this being one of them, I decided to put the whole show down and build up my music, band and brand from scratch.
But thanks for taking care of this.

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I’ve sent the request to Apple, the release will be removed from your artist profile within 3 weeks.


Thank you Carlos!