Tracks unavailable on Apple Music


I can’t see my release on Apple music, Apple For Artist told me to contact my provider.

Can you check about it please ?

EAN 4066218436426

Thank you !


Hello @Mobomusic

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.


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Hello @cantheproducer
Thanks for your quick feedback ,

Waiting for @Carlos to return,

Best regards


Hello @cantheproducer and @Mobomusic, we are checking with our quality team and we’ll get back to you asap!


Here us back @Mobomusic

We got some answers fro Apple Music itself. For your information, Apple has removed the following products from Apple Music/iTunes because they do not meet the editorial requirements of the service. This selection process is the sole decision of Apple Music/iTunes and unfortunately we have no influence on this:
*Castles (*4066218531671) - Multiple copies of the same content has been submitted with slightly different titles or artist names

For this reason, we are not able to deliver on Apple Music.

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Okay, thank you @Melani ;

I’ll copy your return to Apple Music for Artists and see what’s going on.

These tracks are original productions, so any copies of this content which would have been submitted since my release date are despoiled content and have to be removed instead.

I’ll let you know,

Best regards