Trend managing spotify and social networks

I’m asking myself…
which is the best solution:
a- the moment your track is online you simply start bombing the socials with post etc etc…this will give you a jump start,playlist curators (and othe gatekeepers) will se a Peak in the social and strem trend for that artist and/or track.
b- you wait some time, let’s say a week after the spotify pubblishing , to promote the the track via social media. this would create a lower peak, and mantain it, hopefully , for longer time. plus: you get a clear vision of the impact of social media strategy on your streams.

in terms of moiney it’s probably the same BUT the first strategy seems to me a little better for getting in the sight of curators and, generalluy speakiong, gatekeeper.

Hey @MattiaBalboni
I’d go for the first option and I would actually start working on the promotion beforehand.
Once you have scheduled your release, start sharing your pre-save smartlink (Artist Hub for example) so your fans can already pre-save the release in their library and you can tease on this with photos, a mini-video, a blurry artwork, whatever you like - do it two weeks before, a week before and the day before. Meanwhile, you can share it to the press/radio and bomb again the socials when it’s released and a week or two later with maybe some nice results (i.e a playlist placement, a chart, milestone, etc).

yeah, of course i want to make super bombing for the track: social, newspapers, blog, radio, podcast bvefore the pubblishing.

what i’m thinking is that…well, iìm in venice, italy, and a lot of my fanbase is from venice.
in 4 days starts carnival, social media will be overloaded with that (on a local level) and at the same time the Sanremo festival will start…so social media will be overloaded with sanremo posts, this means that i have to wait a long time to pubblish this track: at least a couple of weeks after Sanremo, and…well, in the meanwhile i have no good idea on what to post. i was having good results on getting attention for the release because my comunication was all about it.
unfortunately i think i miscalculated…now i need to find a way to recover…

Maybe you can try to play with the algorithm and share photo of you in Carnival with sharing your smartlink? :slight_smile:

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Heya @MattiaBalboni

Hopefully some of the below helps… You can take advantage of the carnival by “jumping on” the hastag… If you’re there.

My strategy would be:

  1. Decide on your channel… you are one person (I assume) and your time is naturally limited so choose either Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube (or something of your choice).
  2. Get down to the festival, do a little “mini reporting” … e.g. posting clips of what’s going on, tagging local bands and groups and use the festival hastag.
  3. In your profile or in your posts link to your track (don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll look spammy)
  4. If your tracks have any connection to the festival, then make this known.

This way, with focus you should be able to cut through the noise better than just “blasting” out to all networks in the hope that something works.

I hope this works for you - do let us know

Also, might be worth an introduction to @andi_zigon who is a community member based in Venice as well

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hi @SimonG thanks for the hint, it’s definitely an amazing idea!!