Try out iMusician Academy 👩‍🏫

Dear Community Members,

We have great news, the iMusician Academy is here!

Have you ever felt unsure about the next steps in your music career? Perhaps you’ve released your first songs but are uncertain about how to promote them effectively. Or maybe you’re struggling to develop a strong artist image and establish a lasting online presence so that your project stays memorable between releases.

We’ve got you covered. To help with these challenges and more, we are developing the iMusician Academy. Previously, we provided content in the form of blog articles and guides. For our beta version of the Academy, we’ve structured this content to follow a natural progression through the music industry landscape, aiming for the ultimate success of every musical project—whether you’re an artist, band, producer, or label.

How can you help? As trusted community members, we value your feedback. Deep dive into the content available and let us know what you think, so that we can improve the Academy further. You can simply leave your comments on this thread, or put yourself up to a short call here - we will reward the ones that participate in calls with iMusician rewards.

Are you up for it?

Looking forward to your replies!

Best, Antonio


hi Antonio, amazing news!! :smiley: :muscle:


Hi @antonioayora

At signup to the iMusician Academy, an error 404 happened during email confirmation step

But when I log after, it works :wink::ok_hand:



Oh, that must have been a temporary bug! Let me know if it happens again so I can report it to our tech team :slight_smile:


@A2D @Andi there was indeed some flaws in the sign up process it seems they’ve been solved already to make it follow a natural logic. Let me know if you can now sign up successfully and access the Academy :slight_smile:


Hello @antonioayora

Yes I can access it on personal computer and smartphone too. I found the usage is great on smartphone.



hi @antonioayora , I’ve entered e-mail and pwd but I am stuck on the sign in page :v: does it not work with the iMusician account?

Salut à tous, j’ai essayé mais loging impossible avec les identifiants d’Imusician et je ne vois pas l’intérêt de créer un compte juste pour cela.

Pas encore au point mais merci quand même, l’idée est chouette :blush:

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Hey @Andi and @Keny! Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately you need a separate login to the one for the iMusician app

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okie :v:

Dommage :slightly_smiling_face: