Two Spotify URI pages (should I use the new one iMusician provided?)

Hello, I have two upcoming single releases on November 10 and 24. I already had a Spotify URI with a previous distributor but I don’t have any music on that page anymore. I thought I had put that in my artist profile settings but it’s not there anymore so I’m not sure. I was assigned a new URI (same artist name) after submitting my upcoming two releases with iMusician. I am hoping to still pitch these songs for Spotify playlists through Spotify for Artists. I haven’t claimed the new URI profile yet through them.

I didn’t have many followers on my old URI and don’t have any tracks on it anymore, so if it minimizes extra processing time and makes more sense to move forward with the new URI I will just do that (rather than requesting these songs get moved to my “old” URI). Is that what you would recommend based on your knowledge and previous experience?

The old one won’t come up in Spotify search results any more but it is still there. I would like to get one of them removed so that there aren’t any mix ups in the future. This also got me thinking, I already have a YouTube for Artists and YouTube - Topic page, will my two releases be synced with my existing pages, or is there a way that I can ensure that happens?


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Hello @jamescurtis

thank you for your message.

@Fabiola or @Melani will get back to you shortly.



Thanks @cantheproducer :slight_smile:

So, first of all, thanks @jamescurtis for the detailed inquiry. Ah, we are already talking through the mailbox. Therefore, Iet’s move back to it!
Will answer you there but as Pitch was requested yesterday on your new URI, let’s keep that one!

Concerning Youtube Music, when we deliver, Youtube is delivering on the various artist playlist and if you already have your topic channel, we can request to move the release there :slight_smile: Talk soon then!


We can archive this one to keep our workflow clean dear @cantheproducer and @jamescurtis!
Have a great day both! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: