Unexpected re-rerouting of question to Help Centre, despite AMPLIFY+ subscription

I asked the question below in the iMusician website’s ‘Need Help?’ section, but got an automatic reply stating that I needed to ask my question on this forum. However there was this rider:
“If you prefer support via email, simply subscribe to our AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+ plan to get even faster support.”
I already have an AMPLIFY+ subscription, and until today I have found that that gives me the ability to use the ‘Need Help’ section for specific queries. Has that feature has been removed? That would be disappointing to say the least.
However, since I do need an answer to my query, here it is:
I see that my release ‘Sonata for Cello and Piano’ is still on hold, some days after I corrected the issue that led to its being refused for quality purposes - that is, I replaced the audio track with one that does not have 10" silence at the end (it now has 3-4 seconds silence). Is there still something wrong with it?

Hi @GarethGlyn
I can see you were in contact with @Melani - I guess the issue is resolved.
Please, do come back if that is not the case.