UPC code needed in addition to EAN

Good day! I’m going to get some physical CDs made for my upcoming release in the USA. Would it be possible to get a UPC code along with the EAN that I already have for my album?

The album title is “The Light is the Same”.


hi @otaylor , I don’t think it is possible to have both, UPC and EAN, for the same release, but as well UPC as EAN are normally excepted also in USA. I hope this could already help :blush: Please come back if there should be any problems with that or if there was a specific request for UPC instead of EAN and we’ll get deeper into this. Meanwhile I’ll ask @Carlos if there is something more to know about this :v:

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Hey @otaylor,

As explained here, we cannot provide you an EAN or UPC barcode for physical distribution as the codes we generate can only be used for digital distribution.

I would suggest checking with your physical distributor as they’re the ones that should generate the barcode for your CDs.


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@Andi @Carlos Thank you both for the replies! And thanks for that link with the explanations. I think I understand the difference between the two barcodes. And that makes sense about the difference between physical and digital distribution.

I’ll check the company doing the physical duplication to get them to supply a physical barcode.

Thanks again! The support on this community/forum is top notch!


@otaylor, our pleasure! Glad @Andi and I could help :slight_smile:

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