Upload Music without collecting Royalties

is it possible to upload music to all platforms with imusician and not collect any royalties? please let me know because i am a international student in USA on F1 visa and i cannot have any kind of income in USA as per my visa while studying…so please let me know if i can upload music by switching off royalty collection


If you distribute your music with us on all platforms, we will automatically receive revenue from them and put it at your disposal on your iMusician account. Royalty collection cannot be “switched off”.

can i choose only some platforms and turn off the royalty collection? If so, please let me know which for which platforms i can turn off royalty collection.

Hello @usroshan,

Unfortunately not, royalty collection cannot be disabled for specific shops.


What you can do is to leave the royalties in your account and request the payout when you are out of this visa or even just pay your future release with your income so this doesn’t even leave your account.

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That’s also an option indeed, thanks for mentioning it @JJ_JJ ! @usroshan Please note that if you wish to do this, it’s important that you log-in at least once a year so your cash credit doesn’t get converted to promo credit as stated in our T&Cs :slight_smile:

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