Urgent Question on Artwork

@Carlos @Melani @cantheproducer
can some one clarify this for me the spelling the name of song and title of song on artwork design.

Carlos said this format is wrong
Name of Artiste: Carlos
But i just check imusiciandigital Instagram page and there are releases that follows this pattern. I don’t know if he realized I am talking about the spelling on the artwork design itself.

I am confused can somebody please clarify? Thanks

Hi @AlmightyBillionaire, hope all good!
So first golden rule: artwork must include the exact metadata on the release level (release title + artist(s) name(s).
Titles are also undergoing certain rules and especially when comes to the formatting. Most of the online shops accept the standard formatting, where only the first letter is uppercase (in a word or sentence).
Please check more here:

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