USA Spotify streams for June 23' not showing on October 23' statement?

My USA Spotify streams are not showing yet on my October 2023 statement for my Album: Kenny Kirby “Playin the Cracks” released June 1 2023? My International Spotify streams are showing on my statement…:thinking: Please advise when I should see the Spotify USA $treams ! Thanks


Hello @Aubie2023

thank you for your message.

@Melani will get back to you shortly.



Hello @Aubie2023 , thanks for your inquiry! I sent you a dm :slight_smile:

Thanks @cantheproducer to take care of it :hugs:


It has been over 2 weeks sent Melani sent me a DM saying my June 23’ US Spotify sales would be added to my July 23’report? Nothing yet on that or the July report? Please tell your engineers to get THEIR act together & give me my US SPOTIFY Sales(99% of my revenue) in a timely manner(likeTunecore does in 2 months) or refund my $20 I PAID YOU to distribute my album!!! I am tired of the Excuses, I want MY money I have earned NOW, not later!!!
Good grief, I should have known better than to deal w/ a busine$$ based in Switzerland…:upside_down_face::clown_face::face_vomiting:

Firstly, you have to behave respectfully here. We have guidelines here in the forum. Take the time to read this carefully → Welcome to the Community 🎶

Secondly, If you haven’t received anything in two weeks, you can still politely ask what’s wrong. If income is available and requested via the dashboard, it will be paid out within 30 working days. In individual cases it may take longer if further checks are necessary. If statistics are incorrect, they will be corrected. Incorrect statistics have no impact on revenue.

At the same time, I hereby give you the first warning for this disrespectful behavior and derogatory statements.

If you write derogatory words again, you will receive a temporary ban and then a permanent ban.

I would also mention @Carlos from Team. In the meantime, think about how you should behave as an adult.

Why should it take 5 1/2 months for you to obtain my US Spotify $ales when I get them in a timely manner in 2 months from TUNECORE for the last 5 years on my other Artists? :thinking: I don’t understand…I figured I would give IMUSICIAN a chance, but so far I’m extremely DISAPPOINTED…:frowning::-1:Politely & Respectfully submitted…:v: FYI, I am a 40 year Grammy-nominated, Hall of Fame veteran Musician/Producer in the Record Biz, not a naive, fledgling artist just starting out.:ok_hand:

Melani, can you give me a time frame when my July 24’ US Spotify $ales report is coming out & also you indicated 2 weeks ago my June US Spotify sales would be added to July since it hasn’t been posted (as of yet) along w/ the International sales in June? Please advise! Thanks


It might have to do with TuneCore being based in the US while iMusician is not :thinking:

We’re not questioning your experience as an artist, we just request a minimum of civility in the way you address the people that are answering your questions (you can be Grammy-nominated and polite right?).

As explained here:

“Sales revenue for a release is only made available by the shops 4 months after sales occur. Any data shown will therefore be at least 4 months old. If a digital release date occurs after the 20th of a month it could result in the data being delayed by a further month.”

You should get your sales data for July 24’ around November 24 (July + 4 months = November).

In the meantime, thank you for your patience.