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My single was distributed to the Vari Artisti thematic channel on YouTube. What should I do to remove my song from the Various Artists thematic channel and in my own? Does it just take a little time to process?

Hi @IriThug , here is some info on how to get an ufficial artist channel on youtube:

let us know if this already can help, otherwise we can try to go deeper into this :v:



I’ll add what @Carlos said to someone with the same question:

  1. The Topic channel that is auto-generated by YouTube is unfortunately not the kind of channel that you can log into. If you want to “have control” over YouTube’s auto-generated channels, you can request an official artist channel (please make sure to read the eligibility criterias before submitting a request). You can find more info on Topic channels here:

And this, if you can translate it:

La chaîne “Various Artists - Topic” héberge toutes les sorties qui sont distribuées sur YouTube par un service agréé. Ensuite, si la sortie génère suffisament de flux, elle est déplacée sur une nouvelle chaîne auto-générée “Artist - Topic”. Une fois que la sortie est sur une chaîne “Artist - Topic”, il est possible de demander la création d’une chaîne officielle d’artiste si vous possédez une chaîne personnelle conforme.


Thank you all, you have been very helpful, I have filled out the form and all that remains is to wait, if I have any problems I will update you. :muscle:t3::sunglasses:



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