Waiting for my payouts (again)

Dear iMusician-Team,

unfortunately, I’m waiting again for a very long tim for one (now two) payouts. The last time you were in arrears, it was said that payouts for large amounts could take up to 30 days.

My first requested payout is dated 21.09.23, that’s over 80 days now. Since my second request was received on 21.11.23 and therefore the 30 days aren’t also that far away in this case, I would be very happy if you could send me the payouts soon.

I also wonder why other online distributions are able to make transfers within a few days, but with you I experience so many delays. Furthermore I can’t imagine that my payouts of 32,72 euros and 64,54 euros would fall into the “large amount” range…

I would love to hear from you!
Hopefully I do, considering the fact that there isn’t even a support e-mail adress anymore…



dear @S.H.O.K , I’m asking @Melani from the Team if she can take a look at this :v:


Morgen all @Andi and @S.H.O.K !

I understand how is important for you to receive your revenue on time and we are working on improving our workflow. On our side it is still a manual work and especially, we have a new layer of control given the fact that online shops and distributors are also making investigations on a trust and safety levels. When the payout is not received within the time we are referring to, some other investigations might go on.

However, no worries, I sent a request to our accounting team and will let you as soon as they come with a response. Concerning the payment requested on the 21st of November, please expect it within the next week!
Thanks for your patience and talk soon! :slight_smile: