Wanna canceled release to publishing


I wanna canceled these release for publishing i paid , there in review stage and i want refund money

EAN 4066218845303
EAN 4066218845280
EAN 4066218844382

Hello @lifesuck,

The release 4066218844382 has already passed the quality check and is currently being delivered to the platforms. This release therefore cannot be cancelled/refunded anymore.

Regarding the other two, I’ve cancelled and refunded the distribution fees in accordance with our general Terms & Conditions : Terms & Conditions | iMusician



i received email mention you guys not delivery my release to yt content id store
can you tell me why
what i do with promo credit refund if i don’t wanna use account anymore

@lifesuck, this is due to the history of your account, which I cannot publicly disclose here. You can use the promo credit for any purchase on our platform but you cannot request it as a payout.



nothing wrong with my account history only one song is get in cid which i remove while ago till no song get in CID

and i don’t want any service wanna buy what i do with promo credit please refund me

and can you send me private msg what wrong with my account


Our Trust & Safety team has already contacted you about this via e-mail on 18.08.2023, I will kindly ask you to read their e-mail and contact them if you need any further information.

Remember that any fraudulent activity constitutes a violation of our Terms & Conditions and that we do reserve the right to forfeit your rights to refunds if such activities are detected on your account. Therefore, we’re actually making a gesture here by refunding you in promo credit.