We are making the updates, but we are unable to send them

Question addressed to the team,
On January 16, 2024, we received an email from the team requesting us to make changes to a release scheduled for February 5, 2024. We made the changes the same day, but the “send” button in the bottom right corner is not activating, preventing us from delivering the updates to you. Have we done something wrong? Since the release involves an imminent press campaign, could you please provide a response? Thank you.

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Hello @JCProductions

Thanks for your message.

@Melani or @Carlos will get back to you next week. No one from the Team works on weekends.


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Thanks for your reply, I will wait for their kind reply. Good evening.


Buongiorno @cantheproducer and @JCProductions !

Sono felice di informarti che la tua uscita discografica 4066218966596 è stata accetata :slight_smile: