Welche Kontaktdaten gebe ich bei apple music for artists im Bereich Label- Kontaktinformationen ein?

Apple music for artists braucht einen Namen und einen Emailkontakt, um mich zu verifizieren. Was soll ich da eintragen?


Hello @suburber Iā€™m a moderator doing my best to give you hint,

I tag @Maurizio and @Carlos from iMusician support to give you information about what is necessary for Apple Music for Artists.
What I could said is that it works with iMusician.

The support is closed the week-end

- A DIY musician like you trying to help each other :wink::ok_hand::notes:


Hello @A2D and @suburber :slight_smile:

When comes to the artist profile on Apple Music, we are not able to provide you the credentials to get your profile before your release goes live. The artist profile on Apple Music can be claimed after a few days your release is online.
If you have an Apple Music account (or Apple), please try to provide those information. However, it seems we are not able to help here as it is a process that we are not aware of.
Thanks in advance and kudos for your music!