What collaborators to list for iTunes if multiple instrumentalist participated in a special workflow?


just want to be sure I do everything correctly.

Person A hires person B to record some drums on a midi drum. Person A takes the drums as midi in his project, edits it, replaces multiple parts by parts that are played by person A.

The midi is now delivered to an acoustic drummer, person C, who records acoustic cymbals.
Midi is also delivered to another acoustic drummer, person D, who records acoustic kick, snare and toms.

Person A finally cuts the acoustic takes received from person C and person D together, even alters some parts at this stage. These audio tracks now make it to the final release resp. mixdown. No midi in the final mixdown, only the acoustic tracks are used.

Am I right that, in such cases, the correct way to list the collaborators for a song for iTunes would be

person B plays the drums
person C plays the drums
person D plays the drums
person A plays the drums

Can please someone confirm or tell me whom to ask this question if it can not be answered here? According to the performance royalty agency of the country I live in, a drummer is listed as drummer, whether its played via midi, acoustically or via any midi controller. Legally, its the same, its playing the drums.

Therefore, I conclude that all 4 drummers are to be listed as drummers for the song. Even though only persons C and D did the acoustic takes.

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Hey @hanz,

For A & B, you should use the role “Programming” instead of “Drums” since it is mostly computer-generated work unlike C & D who are actually playing Drums.

However, there isn’t really a legal implication here, so you can use pretty whatever you want as long as the musicians agree :slight_smile:



Hi Carlos,

thank you for your feedback. It’s good to know that there is no legal implication.

Just my 0.02. If a drummer records the drums for your song on a midi drum and you cite him as “Programming”, I guess he would not like you. Also, to be honest, “Drums” is more accurate in my opinion if they were really played on a virtual midi drum like a Roland VAD 506 or such :drum:

But yeah, if I play them on my midi keyboard, I can live with “Programming”.


Hey @hanz,

Again, that’s up to you and the musician. This was just a suggestion :slight_smile: