What does the YouTube Official Artist Channel mean for me?


Via Imusician I released 2 tracks that belong to a Dutch program for little kids. This is the YouTube channel with all episodes: https://www.youtube.com/SimsalaSaartje
The video clips of the songs are also on this channel. The music via iMusician has been uploaded separately and I have nothing to do with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rovvmrWPmY0

Now that I have the AMPLIFY+ plan I could apply for an Official Artist Channel. I understand this means being able to manage the music. But I don’t quite understand the exact practice yet.

  • Does this mean that our account will become the Official Artist Channel and that the version uploaded by iMusician will also be added?
  • Or does this mean that the channel with uploaded files by iMusician will become a manageable channel, so we will have a channel for the episodes and an Official Artist Channel for the music tracks?

Thanks for the explanations!

Hi @pvreijen

You’ll find some good information about the YouTube Channel and Official Artist Channel in this guide and video: How To Make Money On YouTube | iMusician

Long story short, the OAC is linking your YouTube Music’s channel (Topic) to your official channel and so your channel become an Official Artist Channel and the content sent to YouTube Music will be available through your channel. The guide explains is better than I just did though…