What I can still change after submitting my release (before delivery)?

Hi iMusician,

I just want to know whether I can still make changes after I submitted a release (not yet delivered) . E.g. can I re-upload the submitted tracks/add new tracks? And can I change the release day?

And until when we are still allowed to make changes to our submission and are there fees for changes made before the release is delivered?

Torenka S.

Hello @torenkas,

Thanks for your question!
We do our best to export a release as soon as possible. This way, we can contact you and fix any issues before the release date and grant you easy access to additional services like pitching your upcoming release to Spotify playlist editors.

No worries, though. Modifications are still possible for a small modification, as we have to redeliver your release to all shops. The sooner you contact us, the better chances you have to modify your release before it got exported it to the shops.

All the best,