What is the big deal about amplify +

Trying to figure out what is so special about Amplify +
So far this horrible. It seems like the music doesn’t make it to all the platforms. It is going on 7 weeks since I submitted my track and it still hasn’t made it to Junodownload. This distributor just needs to fold. All I see is people complaining about not getting paid. Songs are not making it to all the platforms. Customer Service is now non existent and even worse than before for at $10 a month. I’m cancelling my subscription. Hope it works out for you all who decides to stay. You don’t treat paying people like this. Later

Hello @Getemgump

Regarding making it to Junodownload - I’ll ask @Christoph and @Maurizio to look into this.

As for folding - that’s not going to be great for the hundreds of thousands of customers who paid to have their music online forever so we’re going to pass on that suggestion thanks!

We might not get everything right all the time but our Customer Service does exist and they’re real humans, please accept our apologies if we haven’t gotten back to you, it takes up to 48hrs to respond to customers at the moment (and also you can add complaints here directly to the Community, unlike others who don’t have any open forum).

Regarding seeing people complaining about not getting paid…

  1. You’re seeing them yes - but we are here responding to and fixing the issues as they occur and there’s always a spike on the “payday”.
  2. Yes, it’s a bit of a risk for us, everyone can see the complaints - in the “ask a question” section we see ~212 posts per month - that’s less than 1% of the customers we release for each month.
  3. You are free to cancel, your track will stay online forever and we will fix the problems with the release with you. This is the service we offer.

I am sorry we didn’t meet your expectations this time around, it really does sound like something went to sh_t, but I really hope you can see that real humans are supporting you and that we genuinely want to help independent artists succeed (otherwise what is the point in our company?)

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Hi @Getemgump Sorry to hear that your experience hasn’t been the best.

As far as I can see we’ve always replied to any of your requests. I see that Junodownload hasn’t implemented your release yet and I can understand that that’s frustrating. It’s just as frustrating for us as it is for you if a delivery is not implemented right away.
I can see that we’re in contact here with Juno and I’m sure the release will be up shortly. I’ll keep an extra eye on this.