What is the real track name

Hi there,

so i just uploaded my tracks yesterday and they are scheduled to release on 16.01.
But i just saw in the confirmation email i recevied that there are two names for my track.
The one i was typing in on the first upload page and at the bottom of the email the track name has a “- Master” after the name beacause thats the original file name. So which one will be the displayed name in stores? The one i was typing in or the original name of the file i uploaded?

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Hey @Synesthesia,

It depends. If your release is a Single that contains only one track, then it’s mandatory for both titles to be identical. If however there is more than one track on the release, then both titles will be displayed, one for the release title and one for the track title.

In any case, if something’s not right with your metadata, our Quality Assurance team will notifiy you of the modifications to bring.


Thank you very much :slight_smile: