What relase informations (for example profile name) will be provided to the Internet?

Hello to everyone.

One question if I release something under an artist name will my “Imusician Profile Name” also be provided to the internet plattforms and google?
I only want to be found by typing the artist name and I don’t want to share any further information (like my Profilename, Email) to google or the internet.

I would be very very pleased if you provided some help to that topic.

Best Regard

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Hi there @Anthon47!
This is a really interesting question, and I’m sure the answer will be useful to many other musicians!

Your release will appear online as follows:

  • Release name
  • Artist name

And no other personal information will be shared.
Since we are tackling this, let’s go a bit deeper.
If you want to deliver to iTunes/Apple Music, it is mandatory to provide the band member names and roles, but this info doesn’t appear anywhere for now.

Here’s something else to keep in mind if you are delivering classical music. The composer name will appear next to the artist name on Spotify (this is simply the way Spotify deals with this kind of metadata).

Other that, there is anything else you should worry about. Your personal info will be more than safe with us.

I hope this was helpful :wink:

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Hi Maurizio.
Thank you for Your very fast Response.

That means that only the Information I entered in the Release will become visible on Google etc…
E.g. Composer,programer,singer…

The Name of the User (username/email of the imusician acount which can be found under profileinformation) who Provided a Song via his acount for another Person/Artist won‘t be shown anywhere.

Did I unterstand it correctly?

Thank you so much.

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You are 100% right, @Anthon47!!

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Perfect.Thank you so much


A related question about public data of distribution to Youtube.
Will the name of iMusician will appear on Youtube, meaning “Provided to YouTube by iMusician”?
If yes, is there a way to change this information into your own label name?

Hey Sofie,

Yes it will say “provided to YouTube by iMusician” As far as I am aware there’s no way to change this. Regarding the label name - I am not sure - I’ll ask one of the team to confirm

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It usually says “iMusician Digital AG (on behalf of Name of the label)


“Provided to YouTube by iMusician” is for YouTube Music tracks and unfortunately, we can’t change this. :confused:

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

How can I find this information on Youtube about the licenses?

If I look up this release on Youtube I don’t see it.

@Sofie you have to go to the description, click on “show more”
then, under the description, you’ll see a " Music" title and under all the information about the track (this only happen is the track is added to YouTube Content ID (YouTube monetization).

Oke that makes sence. I didn’t know that this info only pops up if the track is added to Youtube content ID. Thanks!

@Sofie yes, the last one showed is displayed when YouTube Content ID is activated.
The mention “Provided to YouTube by iMusician” that you can see on Topic channels’ videos is when you deliver your music to YouTube Music.

and this is in the description (see here: We'll All Fall - YouTube)

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