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Check out the new music video from iMusician artist Worries and Other Plants :green_heart::orange_heart:

Check out our music video for “Summer 22”:

on spotify:

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We also released a second song 5 days ago called “Head Above Water”.

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Thanks for sharing @frantic & welcome!

Playing these here at the office today and loving them :notes:

I’ve passed them along to our Everything Indie playlist curator here :slight_smile:

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I released my single “Good Feeling” this summer.

This song is something special for me. I started producing this song in 2018. The project was paused due to lack of experience. At the beginning of 2022 I rolled up the project again and now it´s done!

Have fun! :sunglasses:

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Hey @CanMusic - perfect timing with the release, ultimate summer vibes with this one :sunglasses:

I’ve shared this with our i’M Electronic playlist curator, @Lucas, as we love to highlight tracks like this!

Look forward to hearing more soon!

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Thanks, Nicholas! :sunglasses: Amazing projects on the way!

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Today we released our new concept EP over your platform! Our vision of Cyberpunk and Synthwave.

We love to get feedback. :smile:


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Dernière sortie pour moi …

Mais une nouvelle sortie est prévue prochainement ! :sunglasses: