What's New With You? 🆕

We also released a second song 5 days ago called “Head Above Water”.

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Thanks for sharing @frantic & welcome!

Playing these here at the office today and loving them :notes:

I’ve passed them along to our Everything Indie playlist curator here :slight_smile:

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I released my single “Good Feeling” this summer.

This song is something special for me. I started producing this song in 2018. The project was paused due to lack of experience. At the beginning of 2022 I rolled up the project again and now it´s done!

Have fun! :sunglasses:

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Hey @cantheproducer - perfect timing with the release, ultimate summer vibes with this one :sunglasses:

I’ve shared this with our i’M Electronic playlist curator, @Lucas, as we love to highlight tracks like this!

Look forward to hearing more soon!

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Thanks, Nicholas! :sunglasses: Amazing projects on the way!

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Today we released our new concept EP over your platform! Our vision of Cyberpunk and Synthwave.

We love to get feedback. :smile:


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Dernière sortie pour moi …

Mais une nouvelle sortie est prévue prochainement ! :sunglasses:

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I present to you my latest single released yesterday, with the shortest theme ever composed and recorded by me. I hope you like it. The lyrics are true philosophy:

“I woke up in the morning
and watch my belly grow
day after day
I’m wasting time
asleep and drinking wine”

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@Cone Love this! feels like a really great “sing-a-long” :smiley:

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my new single is out.
smooth mellow lo fi beats.

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Hey @Fartmachines I love this track already!

I’ve added it to Der Schlagermeister playlist that I look after and I highly encourage you to submit to our Community Playlist ROUND 3

Also loving Surfer Bar, some Reel Big Fish vibes

What a MOOD, very chilled - I also recommend to you (and everyone), please come join and submit to the Community Playlist , there’s promo credit (and a reallllyyyy swanky community badge) up for grabs for the winner.

Bonjour, je viens j’aimerais bien partager ici avec vous l’une de mes dernières sorties.
merci et biens de choses à vous tous.
Dabourou - Single by Ras Manga | Spotify

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on May 25th, one of Laurent brugeaud’s big techno trance sudden death sound is released on youtube, spotify, deezer, all platforms. Good listening

Un pequeño divertimento:

Musique LoFi le 16/11 , jour de mon anniversaire ! hihi
Le single seras disponible sur toutes les plateformes dans un genre électro/alternative.
Des bisous !!

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Top of the mountain, single message : Thank you for your support !
French Slam Poetry.

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