What's wrong with my new single?

My new single “Au pied de la croix” (DoXa group) should be in all platforms (except youtube) at 27 March 2024.
Can you say me what’s wrong ? or what’s the problem ?
Charles Dubois

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Hello @befullofgod

Thanks for your message.

Can you please provide the Barcode (EAN Number) of the Release.


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Barcode IS EAN 4061798299799



@Carlos or @Melani will get back to you shortly.

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Hello @befullofgod, we see the release on hold due to the fact that you wanted to add monetization to the track.
If this is the case, please give us a confirmation and we will issue a separate invoice. We are proceeding with quality check and delivery :slight_smile:


Yes i wouls add monetisation to the track.
For youtube, imusician said to me that it Is impossible to publish this track on YouTube because it Is a resuming (or retacking ?).

So i publish this track on YouTube with another firm.

Can you say me when i have to pay ?

Charles dubois

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Hey @befullofgod, I see the release has been now accepted. I m sending you a DM to proceed with monetization :slight_smile:

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