When will my release be published?

Greetings! I submitted and paid for an album to be published five weeks ago. There were no issues with the release (that I was made aware of), and payment was successfully rendered on 11-April. When I check my releases, it STILL says the album is “Paid - In quality check” after five weeks. What is the expected timeline for a release to publish? When I submitted payment, I believe the page said the process should take thirty days or less. It has been longer. Please advise, thanks.

Hi @SynchroMega

thank you for your message. I’ll try to explain the process to you.

If you have created a release and selected a release date there, the release will normally appear on this day in the shops you have selected.

Every release goes through a quality check. If something is wrong with your release and the team needs more information from you, you will receive the message “Feedback required” by email and on the dashboard and what is required.

If you haven’t received this, I’ll mention @Carlos @Fabiola from the iMusician Team, who’ll be in touch shortly to take a closer look.

Thanks and best regards


Thank you for the reply.

When I finalized my release to be published, I was unable to select the release date. I chose the option where it would be reviewed and published within 30 days of payment. I have not received any messages about “feedback required”. I’m not up against any deadlines for this to be published, BUT I would like it published within the timeframe that was advertised.

Thank you.

Understood. I mentioned two from the support team, who will get back to you shortly. :sunglasses:

Hello @SynchroMega, I have contacted you in PM :slight_smile:

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