Where is my money?

so, i can only see the 2023 money in the account.
i say to myself: fine, it’s just a visualisation thing, but the money i had in 2022 is still there tiull i don’t use it for credit.
I’m pubblishing a new song, i go to the checkout. i can pay with the balance. THE BALANCE IS JUST WITH 2023 MONEY.

where the hell is the rest?
in september i had 21 euro. now i have 17. i havent done anything.



Hello @MattiaBalboni

Thanks for your message.

@Carlos will get back to you shortly.


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i hope the answer come VERY soon.
1- i have to know where is my money, because it’s MINE.
2- i wanted to start release today so that i can se it onlyne in day 4/5 January. time is up.

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The problem will be solved shortly. @Carlos will be in touch here either today or on Monday. There is no work on weekends.

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so you are saying that it’s impossible to go on with my pubblication today, in order to see it on the first days of january, unless i pay money YOU ALREADY HAD GOTTEN ?

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Please note that I am just someone from the community like you and many others. I can’t speed up processes or anything. I can’t do more than mention someone from the team.

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I Understand. I’d like the STAFF to Answer shportly, not a user (with all respect to you). I mean…we are not friends, we are people in a business, I’musician is a compoany not a friends collective. i don’t care if it’s a little money, i don’t care if i’m the smallest specimen of musical life on Earth…

(BTW: i work professionally in the showbiz, as sound engineer… weekend are not DayOff in my universe)

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i hade 21,95 €.
now i have 17,4€
i have screenshot of this.
3,9 euro disappeared.
1-i want it back.
2-i want to know if this happened before.
3-if this happened before i want also that money back
4-i want to knwo why you keep money you have no right to keep

DON’T tell me it’s a visualisation issue. IT IS NOT. when i try to use the balance to pay pubblication the system only see a balance of 17,5€ . SO: it is a REAL PROBLEM.

i wonder if this had happened before and to other users.
if it’s so … this can be a real problem.

i hope i made myself clear.

Imusician has my mail and phone number, can call me anytime.
awaiting answer.

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Hello @MattiaBalboni,

Calm down please. I’ve sent you a DM so we can look deeper into this :slight_smile: