Where to get an ISNI

Hi there,

on the site https://isni.org/, one can click on get an ISNI. Most providers of these websites listed there do not respond on questions. Nothing happens, if you submit the google form to wiseband. The ISNI entry of sound credit is incomplete and does not contain the artist name you registered.

Where to get correct, complete ISNI entries that map the civil name to the artist name?

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Hello @hanz,

We’re not familiar with the process that Wiseband uses to assign ISNI codes, so I would recommend to simply contact them directly and ask whether there is a delay to expect once you’ve filled the google form. You can contact them via their chat here : https://isni.io/

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thank you for your reply. I try to keep contacting Wiseband. So how do labels get their isni?

Hey @hanz,

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can inform you about since it is not within the service we provide as a distributor.

Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:


Just wanted to check - have you discovered this: ISNI | Search Database - this should give you the civil names of Artists