Why commission takes from releases, which was done with Amplify+ after downgrade?

We have added a release in April with Amplify+ where the commission is absent.
Now I want to downgrade until the next release, and as I see from the email, after that, you are going to take a commission of 10% from that April release. Am I right? Thats weird…
So while I am on a free account, you take a 10% commission from all releases starting from 2023?


All of this is explained in this article which I invite you to read carefully as a first step : How to upgrade/downgrade my iMusician subscription? | iMusician

Don’t hesitate to reach out again if you have other eventual questions :slight_smile:

Thanks @Carlos .
I want to upgrade back to Amplify+ and use my cash credit, but why it is asking me to enter a bank card data?

Hello @Omsun,

Because it is mandatory to register a valid payment method if you want to subscribe to our paid plans (even if you pay with promo or cash credit) :slight_smile: