Will Musk buying Twitter herald a new post-social-media age?

With the troubling news about Musk buying Twitter with Saudi money there was an interesting email this morning from Motive Unknown in which we could start thinking about a “post-social-media” world.

"Put another way: if like me you’ve spent 15+ years on Twitter, what do you have to show for it? Twitter has accrued all manner of data about you to sell, but what did you get?
So perhaps change is due. It may well prove a little painful getting there, but I still don’t think it will be a bad thing to move to a post-social world of smaller, more niche communities with a far greater sense of invested value in each one."

What are your thoughts?

  • Is it Social Media (2010’s style) over?
  • What is next for social?
  • Do you count TikTok as a social platform or a video platform?

hi @SimonG , I think everything comes with a price, so staying on Social Media Platforms or leaving them will both have a price, depends if you can afford to pay the price for not beeing social. Small niche communities? on which platforms :wink:? all virtual communities are on some kind of platform and need other media to be found, otherwise the good old pre-social media would have been enough. So no, I don’t think Social Media is over and there is no organic way back. let’s hope we can always move forward and let’s see how platforms and media will evolve :v:


Hello @SimonG

I’ve only been using Instagram for years because I also promote my music there. But before that I was mainly on Facebook and Twitter for more than 10 years.The times around 2010 had been very interesting on these platforms.The exchange with friends etc. was always very entertaining. Unfortunately, social media has also turned negative over time. When you see how much fake news and hate speech is being spread there. However, social media are part of our everyday lives. I can’t imagine life without it :wink: I also see TikTok becoming more and more of a social platform.