WRONG Acount release

Hello. I’m a new member of iMusician, my artist name is 2026 and my EP “Our View” is released today 15th march 2024. I have a problem. When I created my account I selected the option “no” on the question “do you have apple artist”. Now, when I cheked my release, I noticed that it is released on the profile of other artist called 2026 in Apple, Youtube and Deezer, the same name of mine, but it isn’t my profile, cause I don’t have any! Can you please help me to remove that profile artist on me and can you create a new profile for me? Thanks for the support.
WRONG PROFILE ARTIST: Apple, Deezer, Youtube music
CORRECT PROFILE ARTIST: Create it for me as i choosed when I created my account on iMusician.
Please help me…


hi @2026 , please post the link to the link to the wrong profile and the link to your song for all platforms, I will tag @Carlos and @Melani from the team meabwhile :v:

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Bad profile for Apple music: ‎2026 – Apple Music

Youtube music: YouTube Music

Deezer : https://deezer.page.link/ZBu2TRo3J5rEpKo5A

And the link for my release: Our view

Thanks a lot


Hello @2026,

let me take care of that for you :slight_smile:
Please keep in mind that it might take a few days before all the shops link your release to the right link.