Wrong album release date error on platforms


We’ve got a problem…

The release of the album NEVER ALONE by the group BARON’S has taken place
today as requested
(Never Alone, Baron’s, Rock, MOUTON PROD, barcode removed for privacy
). Thanks very much.

EXCEPT that we have noticed that the platforms indicate release on
2/02 2022!!! a year ago…
Please get this changed soon. It spoils all our

Please let us know quickly.
Thanx a lot.


I’ve just send you a DM so that we can fix this for you.

I have exactly the same problem and it’s not nice!!

Please can you explain and change it?

TENEDLE album DEMETRA Release 03 February 2023 (a week ago) on all platforms it seems to be released one year ago!!! That’s not nice

Please Fabiola check out and let me know I have the same Problem and it’s huge one.
Artist TENEDLE album DEMETRA Release 3 February 2023 (4 days ago) and ALL platforms (ALL) report 2022 (one year ago) that’s a very bad damage also for press contatcts and journalists x reviews (music prizes eccetera). I really need imusician to update this. Please let me know as soon as possible. :pray: Thanks!!

Hi @sussurround, I’ve just sent you a DM.