Wrong artist and credit after a first release


I just released my first EP under my artist name “L.E.N.” and since this is a common name there are some mistake with artist page and credit for some plateform.

Deezer :
There’s a song that is referenced under my artist page but isn’t from me.
This one : https://www.deezer.com/fr/album/78549142
Is not from me and is referenced under my artist page : https://www.deezer.com/fr/artist/12322602 (you can see that in the “appears in” section)

Tidal :
Same problem. My artist page is this one : TIDAL
This guy has this song referenced under my artist name : TIDAL
(you can see that in the “Credis” section TIDAL)

Apple Music:
Initially they were an error because my release was credited under this artist page : ‎LEN - Apple Music
But I can see this has already been reported (not by me) and corrected. Now my artist page is this one : ‎LEN - Apple Music
However since that there’s an error in the credits name for the performer. As you can see in this screenshot the performer is not the good L.E.N. :

This should be credited under my LEN page or “Jordan Chavanne” (that’s my real name).

Please note that this is the case for every songs of my release “À terre”, be careful to correct it for every one of them. I guess this is because Apple music doesn’t allow the dot in artist name and they forget to correct performer name in credits.

Can you please quickly make the necessary corrections and come back with a message when is it done ?


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Hello @LEN

I tag @Maurizio and @Melani to give you an answer

A2D an indie musician

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Hi there,

Could I have some news about my request please ?


Hi @LEN,

Thanks for getting in touch.

From what I see, Deezer, Tidal and Apple Music all assigned your release 7610096071643 on a wrong artist page that was the page of another artist also called L.E.N. . For Apple Music, I see that your release is now on a page called LEN, that is also not right as your release was distributed with the name L.E.N. and this is this name that should be displayed.

We can ask them to move your release to a new artist page L.E.N. Please confirm us and we will contact these platforms right away. Could you please also send us the link of your release and the link of the wrong artist page for these three platforms ? (for ex I don’t see the link of your release on Tidal in your original message)

The credits will be corrected once the release is on the right artist page.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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