Wrong artist on spotify

It has generated a new artist on spotify with the same name and the song does not appear in my artist profile. Can I fix it and bring the track to my profile? Thank you!

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Hi @celistia,

Thank you for your message, we’re sorry to hear that the release was assigned to the wrong artist page. Don’t worry though, we can ask the platforms to fix this.

To do so, please send us for each platform where you encounter this problem. :

  1. The link of your release;
  2. The link to the wrong artist profile;
  3. The link to your artist profile (write “create a new page” if you don’t already have one).

Thank you very much for the answer.

Here you have:
1- iMusician
2 - Celistia | Spotify
3 - Celistia | Spotify

Today is the release and it’s wrong, can we fix it ASAP? Thank you!

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Can you tell me when will be fixed?
Thank you.

Hello @celistia

@Melani will get back to you next week. No one from the Team works on weekends.



Hello @celistia,

Thanks for your reply and the links.

I’ve sent a request to Spotiofy for the release to be re-assigned correctly. Please note that it generally takes up to 3 weeks for the platforms to process these changes, so we thank you in advance for your patience.

Once it’s done, make sure to go to your iMusician Dashboard and link your artist name to your new Spotify and Apple Music artist profiles by following these steps: Release On The Correct Artist Profile | iMusician. This will make sure that both platforms assign your next release to the correct profile!

Plus, we noticed that if you contact Spotify from your artist profile and request such change, they are a bit faster. It could worth the try! :slight_smile: