Wrong genre set on Apple Music

There is set a wrong genre of our releases on Apple Music.

Most of our releases are Psy Trance music, but on Apple Music there is Techno.

Please fix it, and let me know if you need more details from me.

Yep … this has happened to me as well. Been put in the Classical genre instead of Electronica by iMusician.

Have they fixed it?

I’m waiting until my next release and will sort it out them. Figured this could be the easiest way. Let you know if it gets sorted.

@Christoph could U plz proceed with the issue?

Hello @Omsun,

we exported your releases with the genre you selected, as you can see here:
Unfortunately, shops might change it according to what they think fits the genre best or if they do not display that specific subgenre on their database.

@Maurizio Apple Music support Psytrance tag. I can see it on other releases from other labels.
Plz push them to set a proper tag for our releases. It is important.

Hello @Omsun,

yep as I said they might also change the genre according to what they think fits the overall mood best.
Maybe our Delivery ninja @Noelia can provide further info here :muscle:

you have a section for choosing the style. and we choose Psytrance, because of it is psytrance… not techno… even if Apple Music thinks it is techno, it is wrong… search mechanizm works wrong on their platform if genre set wrong… it is not what we expecting when deliver our releases to them thru iMusician