Wrong ISRC codes


I released my 2nd album at the end of 2021, together with a small label in Slovenia. As I’ve spoken with a manager of my label he unfortunately made a mistake writing a wrong ISRC codes. From a previous emails I’ve received this answer:

‘‘Unfortunately, you can’t modify the ISRC codes once a release is online.
What you can do is requesting a takedown, which takes from 2 to 6 weeks. After your release has been removed from the shops, you would be able to create a duplicate of the release and modify the ISRC codes.’’

I would like to solve these things as soon as possible so please let me know about further steps.

All the best.

Hello @gselko :wave:
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The information you have is correct.
First step would be then to request a takedown of the release, by going to your library, selecting the mentioned release and clicking on “Manage”, as shown below:


Then, you will see this option ↓


Once this has been done, you could even go ahead and create the “copy” of the release, as you would do a new one. Bear in mind that, as mentioned, we cannot edit ISRCs on tracks that have been part of a delivered release, so you will not use the same track you had but instead you need to create a new track on your library and use the correct ISRC.

*Note: We do not allow the same audio to coexist in different tracks entries so if you have an error such as “This audio already exists in your library”, a workaround would be to incorporate some different metadata to the audiofile. anything that would make the hash of the file to be different…

Thank you for your answer. For creating a copy of the release, do I need to wait that my recent album is taken down from all services?