Wrong spelling of artist name on beatport even though I sent multiple e-mails to iMusician

Even though I sent multiple e-mails for my first release’s artist name spelling, my track came out today and on beatport the artist name shows up wrong.

It is meant to be ’ BRŪT ’ but it is spelled ’ Brut '. I want this corrected immediately as it is important for my brand and identity and it is funny how I was reassured it will be okay after I specifically warned iMusician and it comes out wrong still.

Also, I am an amplify+ subscriber since the first day but when I try to reach support about this isssue, I get an e-mail saying post on the forum for a resolution. I thought amplify+ gets dedicated e-mail support. Weird.

It is only wrong on beatport. On spotify it’s okay Spotify

Also wrong on apple music.

Heya @Debreu

Beatport sometimes does this as it has its own rules on how track titles can be displayed.

I’ll ask @Maurizio to come back to you shortly on this and see if there is anything we can do.

Hi there @Debreu (thanks for the heads up @SimonG),

As Simon mentioned, some shops apply their own style guides and might change the artist name/track titles accordingly. Here you can check Apple Music Style Guide, which is one of the most detailed.

That said, let me see if I can sort this with our Delivery Team. I can’t guarantee it will work (before of the above-mentioned rules) but I’m happy to try.

Regarding your subscription, please use our contact form, as it is now the official way (and also more efficient!) to get in touch with us and get fast, accurate, support.

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

@SimonG this is not title, it is my artist name. I have sent multiple e-mails to you and you have assured me it will be fine. The name can be used on beatport as I can see names with the same specials characters and all CAPS.

@SimonG @Maurizio hi, any updates?

Hello @Debreu,

We sent an update but are still waiting for the shops to react. It shouldn’t take more than 10-14 days.
I see you are in touch with our dedicated support so I will follow up there.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi. I did not receive a follow-up from you in dedicated support. It has been 17 days since I have reported this issue and it has not been solved yet. Please give me an update.

@Maurizio @SimonG

Hello @Debreu,
I see that the last update has been sent by my colleague Melani 6 days ago (through our dedicated support, 11.04.2023 15:57).
As I mentioned in my previous message, this kind of requests are not easy to push through, because each shop has its own guidelines regarding the formatting, or might have special deals with a label.
I sent another request. Hopefully it works this time.
Thanks for your patience.

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Look, do not get me wrong but I am trying to stay positive about iMusician and commit to working with you guys but you are making everything you can to not let me, and break the trust. Like I said, I have sent multiple e-mails specifically asking for this issue prior to my release and all of the responses I have received was along the lines of don’t worry it will be fine. After I buy the subscription and pay for my release this is the service I get?

I am talking about my artist name and it is very important for both me and my brand. It is you who cannot ensure my name is correct on all platforms. How am I going to build my brand If even something as basic as my name is not consistent on other platforms?

I am expecting professionalism but instead all I get is a single person (I am not going to give her name but she is the only person that works as email support which you call dedicated support but cannot solve anything) that is incompetetent and you two guys who respond here to say just wait but also do not solve anything.

‘Hopefully it works this time’ does not give me enough confidence to keep working with you guys. Honestly this does not make sense.

here is the original e-mail and response before my release:


I am releasing a track but it is under a brand new artist name. The track is called ‘Kontakt’ and the artist name is in all caps: BRŪT

Please make sure that the name is spelled correctly and capitalised in full when creating artist pages.

-Hello there,

Thanks for contacting us!

In order to prevent misspelling of the artist name, please send us over the social channels links of the artist (Insatgram would be fine). We would need to see that the name is exactly written as the desired name.

You act so positive and say if you provide correct information it is fine. Then i pay you 110 euros (100 for the susbcription and 10 more for the release.

Then funnily enough the conversation shifts from ‘In order to prevent misspelling of the artist name’ to ‘it will take 14 days’

Then, 20 days after again the conversations shifts from ‘it will take 14 days’ to ‘hopefully it works’.

What is this?

Also, it is a bull$hit excuse you are giving me as beatport support all of the characters and caps in my artist name so it is just a poor excuse blaming the shop for your won mistakes.

Hello @Debreu,

thanks for clarifying what happened.
As I just wrote you in private, we are following up with Beatport. I’ll keep this under my radar and get back to you as soon as I have an update.

Hi. Thanks for personally following this problem. It is now sorted after only 2 days. Thank you very much, I checked every large outlet and my name is correct on all.

While in contact with the beatport manager, I am also having trouble updating my artist and label profiles. I want to add photos and a bio for my artist profile. I have all of the photos in correct format and dimensions and I have been submitting the form but nothing happens. Can I send you the photos and bio so we can also update the beatport profiles?

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hey there @Debreu,

so happy we could help!
I moved our conversation to a private channel and involved our Beatport specialist. Let’s see if we can fix everything else.


All good!