YouTube Artist Channel


Can you help me to resolve a little problem, please ?
The release i made with Imusician ( Maï Kash - Topic - YouTube ) does not appear on my official YouTube channel ( Maï Kash - YouTube ).

Can you help me to get this one on my official channel please ?

Thank You.
Best Regards.

Maï Kash

Hi @maikash Your release appears on YouTube because YouTube Music, YouTube’s streaming service, is now available in many European countries.
This platform creates automatically generated videos on YouTube, on which advertising can then appear. This generates revenue for you (similar to the principle for free Spotify users).
Your release will then be assigned to an auto generated Topic Channel.

You can only merge these channels via our YouTube Partner service, from which you can benefit by subscribing to either AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+. You can find more info here.