YouTube Content ID - but YouTube doesn't recognize videos with these songs

I created several songs, which I released on YouTube before my album release.
Only one out of 10 songs is recognized on YouTube.
Is there a way to tell YouTube that I miss the songs for monetarization?
Why are the songs not recognized by YouTube?

Hi @synvo There can be multiple reasons why a certain video is not claimed directly or automatically by YouTube with the Content ID.
I’ve sent you a dm asking for more info so we can have a closer look.

hi @Christoph , I wanted to ask if it would be possible to check if our song The End of A Dream - YouTube is getting monetization by youtube, thanks a lot in advance, Andi

Hi @andi_zigon the video that you have linked is a video that was automatically created by YouTube via the delivery to their streaming service YouTube Music.

These videos are independet of the Content ID. However, YouTube is regularly displaying advertisements on these to generate royalties for you, similar to the concept of revenue generated by acvertisements for free Spotify users.

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thanks a lot @Christoph ! and where can I see this in my “Sales Overview”? all the best and thanks again, Andi

Hi @andi_zigon The best way to see your sales is to download the detailed sales report. I normally load it into Google Sheets, but Excel also works.

You can then easily see which streams came from which stores or sort via stores, releases etc.

In this case it shoud be labelled as coming from YouTube Music.

Here’s an explanation on how to download and read the report.


thanks @Christoph :+1: