YouTube Content ID (CID) & Recording copyright owner

  1. Hello, when releasing a release, there is a box: Recording copyright owner - what should I write there, if I am the owner of the recording, the creator, and I have the name of the Group (Pseudonym). Should I write there Pseudonym (group name) or my real physical name ?

  2. it says that:
    Recording copyright owner
    … … …
    The data entered here is visible on all platforms.
    What does it mean, that if I enter my real name, it will be visible on all platforms (and I have to enter a pseudonym (band name) if I don’t want my name to appear somewhere) or what?

  3. If my music, confirmed by Youtube content id (Monetized), will be used by third parties in their videos, will I get income from it, paying only at the release of YouTube Content ID (CID checkbox) - for 1 Euro or do I need to connect something additionally, so that when someone will use my tracks in their videos and other things, I will get income from it?

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Hello @Darden

Thanks for your message.

Regarding question 1 + 2: The name of the rights holder of the release and the artwork are in the publication. You don’t have to enter your real name. The artist name is also sufficient. I always do this with the rights holder of the release.

@Carlos from the Team will get back to you shortly regarding question 3.



Hey @Darden,

By ordering the CID monetization at 1€ per track, you enable the option for us to monetize your music on YouTube. On your end, there’s no additional step to take, we take care of collecting the revenue for you :slight_smile:

Here’s a good explanation of how CID works:


Yes, thank you … I understand how the CID works. My question is that if someone uses my track in their YouTube videos, will I get income from it from imusician or do I need to connect some additional service?.. (Now I’m going to pay 9 euros for the track + 1 euro for the CID) is that enough ?..

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Hey @Darden,

No, you don’t need to connect to an additional service, ordering the CID is enough.