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I’m Francesco Sessa, in January I published the song with Ean 4066218614695 (“Si vola, stasera”).
I have activated monetization on Youtube, but I see that the views made by the video I published on my personal channel (where the iMusician Digital AG license appears) are not counted: Si vola, stasera (Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal) - Francesco Sessa - YouTube

It’s normal?

Thank you


Hi @FraSe95 and welcome in our community!

Hum just to be clear I need a bit more info:

  • You have released “Si vola, stasera” with iMusician and you also posted it on your personal YouTube channel : is that correct?
  • When you talk about “views”, are you talking about views on your iMusician dashboard? Or are you talking about stats from your YouTube Studio?
  • When you say that you “activated monetization on YouTube”, you’re talking about the YouTube Content ID, right?

If I got this correctly, here is my answer: your song “Si vola, stasera” released by iMusician was published by YouTube right here (you can see that it was put in a “Various Artists - Topic” channel, that’s another issue). It’s the views on that video that count as streams, while all the views you get on your personal channel do not count since only the distributed video counts.

Does that answer your question?
Have a great day.


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  1. Yes, correct
  2. Yes, I’m talking about views on iMusician dashboard
  3. Yes

So there’s no way to let my personal channel views count?

Thank you!

Unfortunately, no.
These are two different things: on one side, you have your released tracks (those are published on YouTube by YouTube themselves through topic channels), and on the other side, you have your personal YouTube channel where you upload your own content.

However, you could one day ask for an Official Artist Channel on YouTube (more info here: What is an Official Artist Channel and How to Get One? | iMusician). Or you could grow your channel enough to become a member of the YouTube Partner Program (thus having your personal channel’s content monetized).

Hope it helps!

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