YouTube Official Artist Channel Request denied

Hello @Noelia,
Thank you for your email regarding my YouTube Official Artist Channel request submission for Seventh Wave and explaining I don’t “own and operate a YouTube channel that represents only your artist with at least one public video uploaded prior to the OAC request”.
I’ve sent the link that was automatically generated by YouTube because I thought it was the right find to do Seventh Wave - YouTube where our 2 albums can be found. But now I realize I should have sent the channel I had created for my band in 2022 Seventh Wave - YouTube where I have uploaded live videos ever since. Am I right? I’ve just filled in the form again on my imusician account submitting this link to my channel (@seventhwave-rocknworld), even if the link doesn’t mention “channel”… Sorry if I sound a bit confused.
Besides, I am wondering what is gonna happen to the channel automatically generated by YouTube?
And if Imy request is accepted, will I then be able to change the cover picture on YouTube music YouTube Music?
Looking forward to reading your answer,

Hey @7seventhwave,

When you request an official artist channel to YouTube, there are 2 things you need:

  1. A personal channel;
  2. An official “Topic” channel.

The first one is your own channel (created and run by you) where you can upload anything you want. The second one is an auto-generated channel that contains the releases you have distributed via an official distribution service (i.e. iMusician). An official artist channel is essentially a “fusion” of these two channels into one.

Now, if your personal channel doesn’t contain any video related to the releases that are on the “Topic” channel, YouTube will reject your request because they consider that your personal channel doesn’t publicly promote your artistic project.

If you’ve re-submitted the request via the form, just wait for YouTube to review it and we’ll notify you of their deicision regarding the creation of your official artist channel. Once the OAC gets created, yes, you will be able to personalize the cover picture on YouTube Music.


Hey @Carlos ,

Thank for making it sound crystal clear!
I realize I’ll have to re-re-submit the request via the form because I have made the mistake of providing the YouTube music link instead of the Topic channel.
I’m almost done now :wink: