YouTube profile topic

Hello. Can I ask how if it is possible to have my own topic on YouTube so all my music can be put there as people cannot seem to find my music as it is currently under various artists. I need my upcoming album releasing on the 20th to be under a topic ASAP, please even if it is under my existing topic that I had with a different distributor: Tory Eaze - topic or if it’s my official YouTube channel:

Hi, @Carlos will come and help!
Please wait until tomorrow since there is no work at this hour.


Hello @Tory,

Your release also appears on YouTube because YouTube Music (YouTube’s streaming platform) creates auto-generated YouTube videos on which advertisements then might appear. This will generate revenue for you (similar to the principle for free Spotify users).

When we deliver tracks to YouTube Music, they will also end up on YouTube under an auto-generated "Various Artist - Topic” channel. An “Artist - Topic” channel is then automatically created by YouTube when an artist has a significant presence on YouTube. If an artist doesn’t have an “Artist - Topic” channel yet, it’s because:

​• There are only a few videos from the artist.
​• The artist’s videos do not have many views.
​• The artist’s videos don’t meet YouTube’s quality standards.

Please note: Only YouTube can decide on the creation of an “Artist - Topic” channel. As a distributor, there is nothing we can do at this level.