YouTube Release Date


i have send a song to YouTube with " not released before" and the Digital Release Date was set to a future date.

So at YouTube the Video was generated without the release info text “Released on:”, but the videos from other distributors all have this information.

Can You set in general for YouTube the meta data “Release Date” / " Released on" to the value of digital release date for new songs and release date of already released songs?

Or is it neccessary to fill out the “release date” and the “digital release date” for new songs in the submit formular?

Hey @DJXNils

We send the original release date to YouTube Music. Is that what you were referring about or is that another thing?

yes this is the problem. I let the original release date empty, because it was not released yet and only set the digital release date to the future release date.
In this case the YouTube video is without release date.
My suggestion is: when the original release date is empty you should send the digital release date as release date.

Of my release all other stores also had a release date (Spotify …), only the YouTube video was without a release date.

And at YouTube all other videos have a release date, only the video of my release is without.

Best regards

Hey @DJXNils
That’s weird…
If no original release date is added, we add the digital release date ; we can’t leave the field empty so we add the same date if not told otherwise. It seems to be a bug…

Can you share with me the video you’re referring to so maybe I can see better what’s the issue and report it to the appropriate QA team to look into this case?