Zu meinem anstehenden Release „auf Tauchen again“

Hi, (mit wenig Hoffnung frage ich euch:) Kann man die Hässlichkeit der Permanenten Großschreibung aller Wörter im Titel in das zurückverwandeln, was ich eingetragen hatte : „auf Tauchen again“ - oder gibt’s da zu viel Doktrin, Regeln, Gesetze des StEGB der Streaming-United Nations?
Beste Grüße - M.Merkelbach

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hi @MichaelM , let’s tag @Melani and @Carlos from the Team to help you with this :v:

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Hello @MichaelM,

As explained here:

- We reserve the right to modify your release based on best practices and industry styleguides. Eg: Many shops reject titles written in uppercase so we would change that.

As your titles weren’t formatted according to the shops requirements, we had to readapt them. This cannot be reverted as it would put your music at risk of being removed by the streaming platforms, which we (and you, I assume) would like to avoid.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Best regards,

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