A2D intro to the iMusician forum scene πŸ‘‹ enter in my club

@SimonG and the great forum community ! It is delivered.

Soon, presented at next Friday releases for 16/09/2022 :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Stay tuned :headphones: :palm_tree:


Available the 16/09/2022 :notes:

The full Artist Hub Pro will follow after the exclusive :palm_tree:

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We’re waiting! and looking forward to it! thanks for sharing!


@SimonG it is published on Beatport with the iM Electronica label

Next steps after 14 days publishing to all other places with an Artist Hub Pro too :palm_tree:


Added to my cycling playlist! Nice!

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@SimonG cycling is eco too :palm_tree:

:laughing: very very true!

Although I am not sure my increased consumption of bratwurst and beer whilst cycling is helping the planet :hotdog: :beer:


@SimonG we are in song sync then :wink::ok_hand:

The Artist Hub Pro for the song ECo :palm_tree:

Soon an update with all the musical platforms :notes:

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New single 2/12/22 for the fan of music :headphones:

See you in some days

A2D Lightyear Instagram


YES! loving this

How is it performing on your side? You happy with the streams?

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Hello @SimonG,

Thank you. On my side as usual counting the days before Friday 2/12.

I work hard on some releases for 2023 that’s my reward :ok_hand:
About streams, I have no satisfaction :smile:

Since I have started, I know it will be difficult to obtain audiences, streams and it would be a long journey that I was prepared to. The scene is the same for every iMusicians.

I hope you and your famous collaborators are going well. You are making musical dreams come true !

The title of the next single release Friday is … Lightyear :sun_with_face:

Merry Christmas :santa: and Happy New Year 2023 :headphones: :wine_glass:

Merry Christmas @A2D !!!

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Book the 26/01 in your earphone agenda ! It will be out :headphones:


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A new sound label is born :ghost:

Where was taken this picture?

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@JJ_JJ somewhere between the metaverse & the reality in a 4D timespace :ocean:

The picture was designed to allow us to re-explore themes of climate change & the relationship between humans and technology

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I like it!

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dalle! :slight_smile:
I guess your description of where fits this quite well.